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Pubnet® is an electronic data interchange/electronic commerce (EDI/EC) service designed by and used within the North American book industry. Its purpose is to streamline the book ordering process, improving efficiency and significantly reducing costs. Operating as a business-to-business service, Pubnet® works with book buyers of all types, helping them develop systems to purchase electronically from publishers and other suppliers using industry-specific subsets of ANSI EDI standards (X12 BISAC) for purchase orders, purchase order acknowledgements, advanced shipment notices and invoices.

Our members include Internet bookstores, college stores, wholesalers, library jobbers, trade stores, international subsidiaries of publishers, exporters, elementary and high schools, book clubs, and more. Pubnet® has been serving the book industry since July 1987.

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Getting started with Pubnet® is easy. If you need to add Pubnet® as valued added network (VAN) channel for your business or if you are a beginner to EDI and its cost-saving benefits, Pubnet® can help.

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Technical Support
Support is available 7:30 am - 6:30 pm ET, Monday - Friday
Phone: 973-331-2623

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Publishers, Distributors, or Suppliers should contact:

David Walter

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